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A Beautiful Faith Journey

My mission is to help women to find beauty in her inner struggles; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually & financially.

A Beautiful Purpose

My purpose is to help women of faith to enjoy the beauty of their journey, while growing to the next level of life.

Every next level of life requires a higher version of yourself. Find Beauty in your faith journey!

Self Care|Self Awareness

Investing in your self care is essential to manifesting a Beautiful Life from the inside/out. I will help you embrace the change, to transform mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, & financially.

Get ready to awaken to a NEW level of life by developing a better relationship with yourself.

This self care will help you create HEALTHY relationships with God, self, & others.

Inner Beauty Treatments

Get ready to experience a BEAUTIFUL LIFE inside/out as Coach Misty gives you the inner beauty treatments to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, & financially.

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What Is Pearls & Co. Growth Circle?


Our 2019-20/20 vision is REVISION- a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something. : a new version of something : something that has been corrected or changed.

Method: Coach Misty uses her unique coaching method ”Reign Therapy™” to help you tap into your hidden beauty from the inside out.

Focus: Identity, Self Awareness, Self Acceptance, Self Growth, Self Love & a faith journey that glorifies God.

Regimen: Process The Pain, Get To The Root Of The Issue & Tap into your Hidden Beauty from the inside/out!
Grow Through What You Go Through.

Growth Process: I liken the inner beauty of a woman of faith through the process of a pearl being developed through irritation.

Investment: $19.99 a month

The Pearls & Co. Growth Circle is for women of faith who are ready to “GROW”, process the pain, get to the root of the issue and rebuild a Beautiful Life.
Every next level of your life, requires a higher version of yourself.

Welcome to a safe place to grow in a no judgement zone.

Join Pearls & Co. Growth Circle where we Grow, Glow & Go together. There are benefits to being in the Growth Circle as Coach Misty leads with transparency to help you on your faith journey.

Queen Arnissa

I have never met a life coach as genuine and committed to empowering Women to be the best version of themselves the way God intended for us all.💜

Queen Stacey

"I've been gaining some clarity about a few things while on this journey to wholeness and deliverance. I'm learning to guard my heart while also being vulnerable to giving and receiving love.."

Queen Monique

"My experience in Atlanta was amazing , I got to link up with some amazing women of God and I pray that we have a lifetime friendship.".

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