Keep Growing

Keep Growing

Keep Growing

Keep Growing

We often grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ but find ourselves stuck in growing in the knowledge of who we really are. What do you do when you look in the mirror and your image doesn’t reflect Jesus?

You admit that you’re not where you need to be & choose to do better.

You evaluate the behavior, cycles, and patterns that are not pleasing to God and invite the Holy Spirit to teach you to overcome your struggles.

You change your reflection by choosing to change.

Redefine what you really want and create healthy habits that will deny your old demons.

The same God that saved you is the same God that will keep you.

Change your circle of influence If it looks like your past.

Identify the behavior that keeps calling you to your vomit & Get to the root of your issue.

Healthy Methods
Fast to help you discipline & deny yourself.
Pray without ceasing, being specific about your struggles. 1 John 5:14-16
Study the word on the topics of your struggle.
Receive the Holy Spirit as your helper 1 John 2:27
Renew your mind daily
Meditate on the word day & night Joshua 1:8
Believe that you can do it Luke 1:45

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