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Govern Your Mind

Govern Your Mind


Govern Your Mind

It’s imperative that you Govern Your MIND.
When we embrace what the world tells us, we ignore the stripes that Jesus took on the Cross for every sickness & disease, including mental illness.

It’s ok to love Jesus & have a therapist, Psychologist, Mentor, or Coach. Don’t fight by yourself when you see yourself losing.

Mental Warfare is at an all time high because we have forgotten to read the word, meditate day & night, pray, & put on our full armor of God daily.

Once you get in agreement with mental symptoms, it’s just like any sickness, you give the devil permission to attack your mind & you’re left without a fight.

If you are suffering in silence, get you the help that you need. You’re no longer crazy for getting the proper help you need to stay mentally healthy.

After you’ve tried everything else, try Jesus.
Jesus is my therapist and he has clothed me with the mind of Christ when I should have lost it.

I’m praying for those struggling with mental warfare. Pull on the hem of his garment & be made whole.
My new book will be out next month, Preorders will begin next week. The revelation God has given me concerning Mind Control is life changing.

Romans 8:6 The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.

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